Am Steuer des LRoS • Juni 2017

Daniel Hotz • President LRoS

Happy Birthday LRoS and welcome to our Jubilée!

Dear LRoS members, friends and guests of our jubilee festival!

It has been 30 years since a small group of enthusiasts founded the "Land Rovers of Switzerland" club in Egerkingen on February 1st 1987. Club life was difficult to organize at the beginning: the members of the club were constantly traveling to distant destinations and the finding of common appointments or the filling of executive functions were major challenges for the small club!

And it did not always just run smoothly. There were conflicts and crises to cope with. In spite of all the challenges, the leaders at the time managed to lead the club successfully. Thus the club developed continuously and today brings together members from all linguistic regions of Switzerland as well as from near and far countries in europe and even overseas. In this jubilee year we are expected to welcome our 600th member in the club!

The most important milestones of the LRoS:

1987 • Founding of Land Rovers of Switzerland in Egerkingen SO

1997 • 10 year anniversary, St. Stephan BE

2002 • 15 year anniversary, Niederried BE

2007 • 20 year anniversary, Sarnen OW

2012 • 25 year anniversary, Bure JU  

2017 • 30 year anniversary, St. Stephan BE

We are celebrating our 30th anniversary, just as 20 years ago on the former military airfield of St. Stephan in the beautiful Obersimmental area. Thanks to the great work of our organization committee under the leadership of OK President and Vice President of the LRoS Töbi Maag and great support of the municipal authorities of St. Stephan, the local tradesmen, associations, private persons and members of our club, we will enjoy three unforgettable days togheter!

We expect about 600 participants from all over Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, England and even the USA and Africa!

We would like to deliberately celebrate this anniversary with all of you in the spirit of Swiss traditions. The first Land Rover were built for the use in agriculture and rural areas. Therefore Land Rover and Swiss traditions are a perfect match. Both stands for reliability, identification and sense of belonging. These are also the emotions that we associate with our club life!

Together with the organization committee, the helpers and supporters, we invite you to explore and enjoy with us these emotions!

In this issue you will find all important information about the event and the programme.

Enjoy the excursions on  alpine trails, which are normally not accessible for private traffic, and the encounter with the people who pursue their hard work in the seclusion of the Alps. Look forward to the sounds of the alphorn, the yodel and the traditional Swiss folk music. Witness the traditional “Schwingen” (kind of Swiss martial arts) competitions and climb into the linen pants to prove yourself in the sawdust. Enjoy or take part in the Series Land Rover Rally and see the famous "Papyrus"-hunter, a beautiful piece of riveted aluminum from England.

Enjoy the delicious and exclusive local specialties at our food mile, at the VIP dinner and the “Buure-Zmorge” (rich farmer breakfast). Demonstrate your abilities as driver at the fun drive or just watch it. Explore the central market place for parts and souvenirs and learn how a medical support organization, under the direction and commitment of club members provide sustainable medical development assistance in Africa.

Inform yourself at the stand of the tourist office about the surrounding area or fly with the helicopter directly into the breathtaking mountain scenery of the Bernese Alps. Meet old and new friends at the bar or in the great camp on the runway. Let the enthusiasm jump over to other guests and curious visitors from near and far! This is a celebration for young and old, the whole family!

As President of the Land Rover Club Switzerland, I would like to wish us all very memorable days and accident free travels to and from the event. Thank you for celebrating with us!


Daniel Hotz

President Land Rovers of Switzerland


PS:After the short-term resignation of our editor Benel Kallen, Jana Nikitin spontaneously offered to produce the club magazine ad interim. Thank you Jana! We hope to be able to fill the position shortly. Please note the advertisement in this issue.