FIVA-Ausweis • Carte ID FIVA • Oldtimer
FIVA-Ausweis • Carte ID FIVA • Oldtimer

Daniel Hotz • President

It has been 30 years since a small group of enthusiasts founded the "Land Rovers of Switzerland" club in Egerkingen on February 1st 1987. Club life was difficult to organize at the beginning: the members of the club were constantly traveling to distant destinations and the finding of common appointments or the filling of executive functions were major challenges for the small club!

And it did not always just run smoothly. There were conflicts and crises to cope with. In spite of all the challenges, the leaders at the time managed to lead the club successfully. Thus the club developed continuously and today brings together members from all linguistic regions of Switzerland as well as from near and far countries in europe and even overseas. In this jubilee year we are expected to welcome our 600th member in the club!

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Für unser Jubiläumsjahr haben wir eine Extra-Webseite eingerichtet.

Unter findest du alle Informationen zu unserem Geburtstags-Wochenende vom 14.-16. Juli 2017